Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

Roberto Cominetti

Roberto Cominetti is professor at the Faculty of Engineer and Sciences, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez.

Roberto Cominetti is Civil Mathematical Engineer of Universidad de Chile and Ph.D. in Mathematics, U. Blaise Pascal, France. Cominetti has been the Faculty of the School of Engineering at the University of Chile and currently is at the Faculty of the Engineer and Sciences School, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez. His specialization areas are optimization, convex analysis, path following and penalty methods, game theory and transportation. He won the Best Paper Award in Transportation Science in 2002, for the paper “Common-lines and passenger assignment in congested transit networks”, granted by INFORMS. He has several publications in the most prestigious journals in Operations research and Applied Mathematics and has served as editor or co-editor in several of them.

Equilibrium routing under uncertainty

We review some recent developments in the modeling of traffic in congested networks in urban transport and telecommunications. The focus is on situations where link travel times are subject to random fluctuations, including how to deal with risk averse agents. We consider both atomic and non-atomic equilibrium models, and discuss a class of adaptive dynamics that provide a plausible micro-foundation for the emergence of equilibrium.